The Purpose of the Coronavirus and How It Wants to Achieve It

The coronavirus (specifically SARS-CoV-2) has recently been known around the world for the dangerous disease it produces, COVID-19. This virus has conquered much of the world and killed more than a million people. What is the purpose of this deadly virus, and what does it want to achieve?

To understand this, you must first know something very important about viruses. Like every living being on planet Earth, the coronavirus carries within it, something called genetic material. In the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, this material is in the form of RNA (ribonucleic acid).[1]

The coronavirus takes advantage of us, and using our body, the coronavirus replicates its genetic material.[2] RNA is an information molecule and instructs on how to make more viruses.[3] The goal of the coronavirus is to replicate RNA, and all living things on the planet also serve the same purpose.[4] Why do humans find sexuality so enjoyable?  This is because, through reproduction, the continuity of our genetic material is guaranteed in the future.[5]

The coronavirus cannot have sexual relationships, and feel pleasure, since it does not have a nervous system, but it does have another form of reproduction, which has given it “children” almost everywhere on the planet.


The coronavirus, like other viruses (e.g., HIV), does not want to kill us, it just wants to do whatever it takes to make more copies of its RNA and spread them.[6] This is why it makes us cough, to get its “children” out of our lungs. Why would it want to kill us, if it is better for it to keep us alive?  Would not it be better if it controlled our brains, so that we would go out more and not comply with the quarantine?  If it could ever do that, it would be a miracle for the coronavirus, but this is not far from the truth, as the rabies virus is believed to cause animals to be more aggressive, so that the virus can spread through bites.[7] Death occurs as a side effect of being used by viruses.

This is a version which has been translated from Spanish and edited for clarity. The original is titled: “El Propósito del Coronavirus y Cómo Quiere Lograrlo.” To see the original, click the title in Spanish.


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