I studied biology at the Inter American University of Puerto Rico San Germán Campus, where I finished my B.S. with a minor in chemistry. I have research experience and enjoy reading the scientific literature. I have loved science all of my life, and I want to apply my knowledge to the explanation of diseases.

Recently, I have finished a program for medical technology, and I’m currently preparing for taking the certification exam to become a medical laboratory scientist (MLS).

I believe understanding our bodies should be a priority for everyone, and should form an essential part of our common knowledge. The mechanisms that make us go are complex, but I hope to give readers a good grasp about the subject. Everyone should be literate about their own physiology.

One of the goals of this website, is to make technical scientific literature, accessible for anyone to understand, in the simplest way possible, without sacrificing needed details. Explaining the molecular processes of diseases is the main focus.

Another goal of this website is to not just describe diseases, but also to use many fields of knowledge to understand the causes of disease at a deeper level of understanding. Powerful insight can be derived from fields like genetics and evolution. Emphasis is given to research on humans, since it is more relevant, and better for animal rights.

Through science, great things are possible, and we have a long way to go, but each step counts. I hope that much is learned, and ignorance, is in turn, diminished.